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u.s. spy swap in decades. fox 5's maureen umeh here now with the details. >> reporter: brian, experts say this entire episode shows that even though the cold war between russia and the u.s. ended, information gathering never really stopped and now that the spy swap is complete, both countries are reevaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their espionage programs. it took less than two hours to complete. a spy swap the likes of which hasn't been seen in years going down on a remote airport runway in vienna, austria friday. ten russian spies swapped for four convicted u.s. spies. one plane heading directly to moscow. the other first to an air force base in southern england where two of the four u.s. spies were dropped off. then on to dulles airport. counterterrorism expert larry johnson says it may all look intriguing but what happened is standard. >> this was saturday of a traditional cold war deal where we gave up people that they wanted and we got people back that we wanted. we go back on as business as usual. >> reporter: white house officials say the deal had been in th
. here's brian bolter with the "news edge". >> i don't want any u.s. citizen to go threw what i went threw. >> reporter: this man's travel nightmare is finally over. for the last two months he was stranded overseas. the feds denied him access to the u.s. after his name mistakenly popped up on a no fly list. he's back and sharing his story. tom fitzgerald spoke with him tonight. >> reporter: yahya wehelie is a muslim. he went to school here. he has never been in trouble with the law. he traveled to yemen to learn arabic and got a first hand lesson in frustration when his name popped up on the no fly list and he was halfway around the world trying to get home. back home, yahya wehelie can finally smile. >> i felt like a billion bricks are off my back. i'm home. >> reporter: two months after after a trip to yemen to learn arabic he landed in egypt where he learned his trip was over. >> you got to go to the embassy. we can't put you on the flight. i'm like okay, what's going on. >> what was going on was wehelie's name wound up on a no fly list. he's muslim and even though he's never been
of the u.s. accused of spying for russia, pleading guilty to one count each of conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country. internet sensation anna chapman and the others are being spared prison terms and instead being allowed to go back home to russia immediately. >> miss chapman unlike many others who were charged in a conspiracy that dated back over a decade had only been in the united states for a little over six months. >> reporter: the virginia spies will be allowed to take their two young children home to russia with them. the f.b.i.'s case apparently closed. >> the bureau has been covering these people for the better part of ten years. there are probably no more secrets to learn about these people and what they've done and from all we've seen, they didn't do any damage to our national security. >> reporter: as part of the swap, moscow will be releasing four accused spies, including this russian scientist jailed the last six years accused of selling russian naval secrets to the u.s. what do you think about the spy exchange? >> i think it should be one f
're accused of living in the u.s. under fake names while operating as russian spies. now prosecutors say two more suspects have confessed to being russian nationals. prosecutors say the couple had two safe deposit boxes, one with $80,000 cash. the other containing $20,000 and fake passports. >> i think the evidence is pretty sound. of course we have to realize that at this point in the case, all that they're doing is putting together enough to show probable cause. so the information that we have so far is certainly not all the information that doj has at that point. >> reporter: we're also learning more about accused spy anna chapman, a woman who lived the high life in new york city. her british ex-husband says he's not surprised by their arrest and their marriage went south when she started having secret meetings with russian friends. >> we certainly don't have all the information but all we know so far is she had some money and some things that people don't normally have. >> reporter: meanwhile the man suspected of funneling money to the spy ring has disappeared from cypress. christopher m
secret u.s. documents and then transmitting them to the cuban government. the judge today also sentenced meyers' wife to more than five years in prison for helping her husband steal secrets. >>> a virginia man stuck in the middle east can now come home. yahya weheilie says he isn't holding a grudge against the united states. he was held in egypt for months and placed on the no fly list while the f.b.i. conducted an investigation. he drew suspicion for traveling to yemen nearly two years ago. he went there he says to study arabic. the u.s. considers yemen a safe haven for terrorists. >>> a new report with frightening details about a possible attack on new york city. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >>> this new intelligence report raises questions about whether new york city was a target in another plot last christmas. the same day as the failed bombing on the detroit bound plane. the document says the final target of that attack is not clear by extremists allegedly had a detailed plan and discussed restaurants and nightclubs in new york city. >>> so far so good in the gulf. the new co
throughout the area. >> 87 people arrested in virginia and d.c., agents are u.s. immigration and customs enforcement went after illegal immigrants who have prior convictions on a variety of crimes. the immigrants come from several different countries, most will be deported. >>> a house fire in oxen hill this afternoon minutes after power was restored there. that home had lost electricity in sunday's storms. two firefighters were injured fighting the flames today with minor burns. one firefighter went to the hospital suffering from exhaustion. seven adults and three kids who live in the house are having to stay elsewhere. >>> coal mining will resume in that west virginia mine where 29 people died in an explosion in april. they will build a new entrance. investigators are still looking into what caused the explosion. >>> remember that former aol executive accused of recording party goers in his pool house? he was sentenced today. you think a public restroom toilet handle would be dirtier than your cell phone. not according to a new study. >>> another woman gaining internet fame for her arr
their burden of proof. >> reporter: the defense says the crime spree the u.s. attorney fitzgerald described when blagojevich was arrested was never effectively presented to the jury. neither were many of the witnesses the government promised to call. >> mr. levine, congressman jackson and ame e-- rahm emmanuel. those were the witnesses the press wanted to hear from and we did not hear from. >> reporter: those witnesses could have what the government held in reserve intending to hit the governor hard in rebuttal if he took the stand. no one doubted rob blagojevich though many times he promised he would testify. >> they should have put on their case in chief. this defense really outfoxed them. without putting that evidence on, they've now lost it. >> reporter: now on to closing arguments. it's an easy prediction they'll be dramatic in part because they're not a backbone of the defense. in part because they'll be presented by this big, loud chaotic blagojevich defense team. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >>> coming up next, more than 100 jetliners going under the federal microscope. what's
declared innocent. no decision yet on what will happen -- [ indiscernible ] a massive fire on a u.s. coast guard boat house and pier on martha's vineyard. officers say the fire also destroyed a truck and a trailer. no reports of any injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation tonight, will. >> thank you. >>> the next best hope. can bp's latest fix cut off the flow of oil to the gulf? find out the major accomplishment today and what comes next in the fight to stop it spill. >>> plus, are you eyeing a glass of red wine right about now? there is a new reason why your guilty pleasure might be just what the doctor ordered. >>> more rain is on the radar. we've already gotten good apartments today in some places. here is radar showing the next band of showers moving through the district. we'll show you take plus the full forecast is all coming up in just a bit when t edge continues. stay with us. d t tos >>> on day 84 of the oil disaster in the gulf, a major step towards stopping that leak. tonight bp attached a new tighter fitting cap on the gushing well. nex
over. she's been the director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce for the last two and a half years and she was ehrlich's secretary of state from august 2005 until he left office. >>> saying goodbye to the longest serving member of congress. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> senator robert byrd, the first person in 50 years to lie in repose in the senate chambers. tomorrow morning an honor guard will carry his casket into the senate. the public galleries will be open for people to pay their respects. the casket will then go to the west virginia state capitol. >>> a sweeping overhaul of regulations passed along party lines tonight. it would create a new official agency to police consumer lending and set up a warning system for financial risks among other things. the legislation goes to the senate for a vote in mid july. >>> in the gulf tonight, hurricane alex disrupting oil spill response efforts. cleanup vessels sidelined by the storm and rough seas are pushing the oil toward the beaches. meantime international help is on the way. 12 countries international org
to know for sure in the coming month. >>> another toyota recall effects 138,000 lexus vehicles in the u.s. they were made between 2006 and 2008. toyota says a flaw in the engine could cause the vehicle to stall while in motion. no accidents or injuries have been reported. >>> number tleeshgs you already know that -- three, you have already know that texting and driving is dangerous. so is texting and walking. to keep pedestrians from walking into traffic and stepping into manholes companies are rolling out new tools including a special ear piece that allows users to speak a text message. >>> number two, have your kids lay off the tv and video games. an iowa state researchers says playing video games and watching tv for more than two hours a day can make it hard for your child to concentrate. pediatric trigsz recommend no more than two hours of daily screen time for kids older than two. >>> dangerously warm temperatures are expected tomorrow. here are a few common sense reminders to beat the heat. drink lots of water, wear light weight clothe and don't feel guilty about skipping an outdoor
. next year they have the u.s. open at congressional. 2012 it will be back. so this year it's in philly. tiger on the par 3 17th hole. it's going but it's going in the wrong place. it's going in the water. tiger would go on to make a double bogey on the hole. that happens a lot when you get the ball wet. but on 18 after a perfect drive, a perfect approach to give me birdie range but it's not match play. stroke play. oh, my goodness. made a right turn and a lip out and that's a problem. ended his day at three over, seven off the lead. four players are ahead of them. tiger, what happened? >> i hit it good all day. and just let my round get away from me. and just unreal. >> it was unreal but it actually was real. to the semis at wimbledon we go. serena williams seemingly in full control. wins in straight sets. she apologized for the net court win on match point which is very polite. then serena will move on and face vera who defeated -- [ indiscernible ] is will be serena's sixth time in a wimbledon championship match. >>> gilbert arenas no longer wants to wear number six next year. the ne
and universities in the u.s. one of those schools quinn pi yak university in connecticut is a defendant in a lawsuit. you see in an effort to save money, they dropped several varsity sports, including women's volleyball. federal law requires equality between male and female athletes so they replaced it with competitive cheer. now a judge says that's not good enough. the judge wrote, competitive cheer may sometime in the future qualify as a sport under title 9. today, however, the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation opportunities for students good it is true that you need somebody who can enforce the law. >> reporter: nina is an attorney at the national women's law center. >> while schools want to cut costs and that's understandable and sometimes unfortunately sports are on the chopping block, they can't cut costs on the backs of women. >> reporter: maryland cheer coach says at maryland female athletes get respect. >> we're in the weight room just like the male athletes w. very tutoring support services, s
this video of a wounded u.s. soldier being air lifted to safety in the latest attack. >>> fireworks on the house floor over the 9/11 responder bill. two new york congressman going at it before last night's vote on a bill providing aid to people sickened by world trade center dust after the attacks. >> what we are doing tonight is a cruel hoax and a charade. the reality is you could pass this bill if you wanted to. are you in control. you have the power, you have the responsibility. >> gets up and yells he's going to intimidate people into believing he's right. the gentleman is wrong. he's providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing. it's republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heros. it is a shame, a shame. >> the house ultimately rejected the bill that would have provided up to $7 billion in aid. >>> the man charged with giving wickileaks top secret document from iraq is now in jail. >> bradley manning is now at quantico marine base awaiting trial. he's charged with leaking video of a strike that
and big box stores and the u.s. post office contain high levels of bpa and that is linked to a long list of serious health problems. the risk from handling bpa- label receipts can be significant. >>> and number one tonight, montgomery county employees are getting more time off instead of a pay raise. the county executive agrees to give extra paid vacations to make up for salary freezes and furloughs. the government workers and police officers will receive 26 extra hours. firefighters up to 48. and that is a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. >>> and here we go, ramping up the temperatures again. >> and this is nice at 87 degrees. going to have to wait a few more days. a couple of hot days in the future. >> and suffering again to get it down. >> and hopefully that is a 2- day break from the 80s and get into it and that weekend is looking descent and may have a few showers and storms to dodge. starting with a live look at the washington monument and as you head out the door, you will notice the humidity starting to climb and we'll be up and over 90 degrees tomorrow. get ready for the next two
held in kuwait, but is now being transferred to quantico to stand trial. >>> the body of a second u.s. sailor who went missing in afghanistan has been found. laura evans swhere at 11:00. >> he's been identified as 25- year-old petty officer third class jared newlove of seattle. his body was found in the same area where petty officer second class justin mcneilly was found dead sunday. both men were reported missing friday. the taliban claims insurgents captured newlove. >>> the gunman in an overnight police standoff is dead. prince william police say john carlton was holed up in a manassas motel room following an argument with a woman yesterday. he fired out the window as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. today police found him dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >>> a hijacking foiled today in russia. we are told the unarmed man somehow seized control of a plane headed to motts cow. once at the airport -- moscow. once at the airport he allowed doctors on board to treat some of the passengers. those doctors were actually russian special forces. the hijacker is now in custody. >>>
hacked about 400 users' accounts. >>> number one is good news tonight. u.s. cancer death rates are falling. according to the american cancer society, a decline in smoking is credited with lowering those rates. overall colon and lung cancer has seen the biggest decline. the group is predicting more than a million and a half new cancer cases will occur this year. brian, that's tonight as fox 5 top five. >>> there is a new way around potential luggage fees at the airport. we're going to explain how it works and when it might actually be worth your while. >>> when we take the own of, it's always fun to watch the crazy crowds getting a little liquid courage and running with the bulls. we have the highlights from the festival's first day. a what had happened in central harlem was failure became the norm. the schools were lousy... the healthcare was lousy... gangs were prevalent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a community like that. people had been talking about things, but not doing anything. hi, mr. canada... how are you? i'm
one on "u.s. news & world report"'s list of best hospitals. the myoclinic is number -- mayo clinic is number two on that list. >>> for people who love to bank online, bank of america is introducing a special e-bank account. users will be charged an 8.95 monthly fee if you want paper statements or if you want to use a teller. the new program will roll out nationwide in august. >>> and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. >>> a solemn ceremony at arlington national cemetery as the remains of seven airmen were laid to rest. may 23, 1944, they were flying to burma to bring needed supplies to allied forces there. but their plane never made it. seven years ago a burmese citizen found the remains of three of the crew members. an excavation of the site in burma uncovered the additional remains. the crew is now buried together. >>> think about what it costs drivers when they have to ride around on bad roads. now wait till you hear what's happening in fairfax county roads, roads and sidewalks a total mess. a budget so small it has to make you wonder is the world broke? >>> plus, hot an
and brought back to the u.s. and used as real money. now police could not say where the two men tried to spend the money. detectives are hoping by putting this information out there, they can find stores that were scammed. >> roby chavez, thank you. once again the fake bills are actually pretty easy to spot as roby showed us. they have the spanish phrase printed in the upper left hand corner. >>> we have new details tonight about what happened the day this northern virginia teenager was murdered. 19-yard vanessa pham was found dead in her car more than two weeks ago on arlington road near williams drive. facebook filling in the blanks about what happened just minutes before her death. roz plater is in the newsroom with more on the new developments in this murder mystery. roz? >> reporter: will, vanessa pham's friends are as puzzled as everyone else about why she was killed. they have spent the day since her murder trying to retrace the steps. the surveillance tape shows her car entering the fairfax plaza center about 3:00 in the afternoon sunday, june 27. minutes later her friends say a status
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